Shoe repair & care

Some of the repairs we can help you with

From heel and sole replacement to rubber or leather resoling and shoe stretching – we repair almost any kind of shoe!  

While repairing your shoes we only use the highest quality materials and 90% of all repairs are done promptly in our shops. 

A few examples of what is possible below, slide the photos to see the difference.

Either bring into the shop or email us a ‘Before’ photo for a free quote – Martin looks forward to the challenge!

TrainersClean train

Shoe Care Products

Make your shoes and leather goods fit great and look better.

Our range of creams and polishes work to bring out the highest levels of shine and comfort in your shoes.

Whether you’re in hard-wearing work boots or the finest dress shoes, our products help you get the best.

All You Need To Know

frequently asked questions


We accept postal orders.

To process your order please complete the form on the contact us page with your personal details  and your specific repairs needed along with an image. This will assist our staff with preparing a quote prior to getting in touch with you.

We offer a postal delivery service for those time poor or unable to make it to us during opening hours. Simply contact us and request a delivery so that we can make arrangements for you.

Broken heels have to be replaced. We try to match the closest to the original as possible. If very different we will contact you for verification. Please note that you should always send the pair to match.

Yes. However, since well-made shoes are well balanced, there is a limit as to how much a heel can be lowered. We would not lower a heel so that the shoe is out of balance.

Yes we can stretch boots or shoes but only as much as they allow them. Some leathers have more give than others and it’s not possible to gauge how much you can stretch them by.


  • Replace heels and soles
  • Stitching on shoes, handbags, and motorbike jackets
  • Replace the elastic side on boots and elastic on buckles
  • Add buckles or straps to shoes and handbags
  • Replace boot zips
  • Shorten boots
  • Stretch shoes
  • Replace pulls on boots
  • Make leather belts
  • Replace velcro and extend or shorten straps