Martin Wynter

Martin grew up in Manor Park E12 went to schools in Manor Park & Stratford

Working Career

At the age of 14 I started as a Saturday boy in Ilford with my brother then went on to work at his and my late Uncle’s joint shop in Canning Town

Started full time shoe repairing as a trainee in 1985 with BSC (British Shoe Corporation) working in Selfridges Bond St, the first shop I managed was the Ilford Branch on my door step in 1989 when Timpson took over BSC

Worked for BSC, Timpsons (Twice) Automagic & Fresh Collection all before 2002

In 2002 I landed my job with JSC (James Shoe Care)… it’s funny as they were our competitors when I was working with my brother in Canning Town. I remember applying to JSC about 3 times before getting an interview… I finally managed to land a job working between the shops as a relief then to be permanent in Canary Wharf. Being in a prestigious area was very new to me but I can say working there turned my life around, now working for what I can say was the best company in my eyes (small and family run) by brothers Andy & Dave who both gave me the opportunity to do my breakfast radio shows before work, great wages and after 7 years buy a franchise in the Barkingside Branch…

Oct 2008 I first went to Barkingside and on April 1st 2009 I started my franchise for James Shoe Care

I must say my franchise is different as there’s no pressure from the owners I’m my own boss… with that I thank Andy & David who allowed me to better my life instead of keeping me working at Canary Wharf

Must admit going to Barkingside was so much different than Canary Wharf, 1 – the prices were so much cheaper, 2 – everyone was on a budget so it was a bit of a wake up call not everyone is on big wages like the customers in the Wharf so I had to adjust with price reductions and clientele… I soon got used to it

11 years later I’m still at JSC Barkingside and in 2012 formed a joint partnership with Micky to take over A1 Shoe Care (Grays Shopping Centre)

Big thank you to all those who have supported my dream x

12th year Anniversary